Friday, October 29, 2010

Bite me... it's been an odd few months

Woot! Woot! Who missed me?
Yeah, all you b*tches missed me! Funny thing about insomnia brought on by wedding stress - once the wedding's over, I can sleep again!

But, have no fear - the baking has continued and, if I do say so myself - I've begun to KICK A** at it! I've taken down cinnamon drizzle biscuits, chocolate chip/peanut/caramel cookies, pumpkin noodle kugel (roasting whole pumpkins is my new favorite hobby), and apple crisp... to name a few.

Although I'm now a Mrs., and have changed the name, share the bills, and do more "wife-y" things - one thing has not changed. The ever so thrilling dream of running my own bakery. Strong Cupcake could be friggin' awesome! And the more I think on it, the more ideas I've got.

The newest trend for entrepreneurs in the food service industry is the Restaurant Truck. Grab an RV, school bus, mini-bus, or gutted van, make some sweet renovations, and get moving! A restaurant truck does not have the overhead costs of a brick-and-mortar business and, thanks to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc. - it's really easy to let your customers know when and where you're going to be. People could STALK Strong Cupcake! I've always wanted stalkers!! (Well, I did have one once. Yahoo dating failed me BIG TIME. Luckily, my husband's odd quirks are limited to snow globes, fear of needles, and an odd obsession with Taylor Lautner.)
Anyways, Strong Cupcake starting out as a Restaurant Truck could be pretty cool. And here's where my "Jewish" hat comes in...
On Shabbat (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) - practicing members of the tribe cannot conduct business or drive. WELL, if Strong Cupcake received kosher certification and allowed customers to pay in advance - I could just drive the Bus O'Confectionary Awesomeness right to the synagogue and folks could enjoy a delicious treat every Saturday after services!!!! (Hey, this idea came to me in a dream and I like it! All you Doubting Thomas's can kiss my patootie - I gotta look out for my Chosen Folks).

Another spark of brilliance regarding Strong Cupcake includes serious collaboration with Sadie Poppins. I've referenced the Great Prophet Sadiekins before... well, she's got her own lil' business she's working on and it involves party planning, baby clothing, and making the world a little prettier than she found it. Seriously, this girl does not f*ck around when it comes to making her projects A Numero Uno. We are all lesser people when she is near.
Imagine if Strong Cupcake actually had a physical location - well, Sadie Poppins items would be on sale there AND you could rent her fabulousness out to plan your party at the shop! She doesn't know it yet, but I'm planning an all night drink-fest where we sit in our jammies and sip wine into the wee hours while writing up our ideas and plans for the future.
WOMAN - if you're reading this... pick a weekend night that works for you and get out your fuzzy slippers!

Finally, I'm a woman who likes to be entertained. Let's close our eyes again and pretend Strong Cupcake has a physical shop. Well - I'd demand a little stage be present for local talent to strut their stuff while their audience eats itself into a diabetic coma. There are some INCREDIBLY talented folks in this community (Kyla Morse, Naked Shakespeare, Raqs Borealis, The Escapists, Naya's Trance, Lindsey Feeney, Magnolia Devi, Brian Tingdahl and whatever band he's with, Samuel James.... yeah, I'm naming my faves... my blog, my call.... again, kiss my patootie if you don't like it.). With the loss of Acoustic Coffee and North Star Music Cafe, there is a HUGE HOLE in small venue performance space world.

Okay, I was away for awhile... but I'm back now. More thoughts on the future, recipe WINS and FAILS, and random shenaniganz still to come!