Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on the Future

Hiya! Okay, I suck and have been WAY, WAY, WAY behind on writing for this blog. I've been baking, cooking, and brainstorming - I just get distracted by West Wing reruns before I can put my fingers to the keyboard.
Seriously, Josh Lyman.... who wouldn't get distracted by his awesomeness?

I've been talking about my future as a bakery owner to a bunch of folks since 2010 came upon us. For the most part, it's only a half-assed thought about "What Could Be"... but in the last 24 hours, I find myself seriously considering... What If?

Two events have sparked this sudden belief that all things Strong Cupcake are possible:
1. A newspaper article
2. The Prophet Sadiekins

Let's start with the newspaper article:
My fan-freakin-tastic fiance sent me this article this morning about a former investment/real estate/money dude who turned to "manly cupcakes" when his corporate career was flushed down the tubes. I love that a person can be going along, going along, life plan all in place and... BAM! Try something new. It's inspiring!

And now onto the Prophet Sadiekins!
I've explained how amazing she is before. The girl can just create whatever she imagines... and she makes it look so EASY! Recently, I watched Sadiekins put together all the pieces for a forest themed baby shower. She knit little stuffed woodland creatures, ground up oreos for "dirt" on cupcakes, and put together a number of baby shower games with a "foresty" backdrop. She put in more work than I would ever have the patience for.
Well, her hard work paid off - and the party was a tremendous success. Seriously, this girl needs to be a professional party host. And wouldn't you know it, one of the shower guests would like to hire her to put together a bridal shower. MAZEL TOV!

Here's where this event... and just knowing and bowing down to the wonder of the Prophet Sadiekins has inspired me. I think Strong Cupcake could be bigger!
Think of the bakery with three big rooms:
Room #1 - Baking area split in half.... half kosher/half with bacon and lobster as far as the eye can see. And this baking area is large enough for "baking therapy" to take place.
Room #2 - A good ol' fashioned eating area. We'd have local artists' work on the walls, bright colors, and fresh flowers on all the tables.
Room #3 - PARTY ROOM!!! A very neutral looking room that can be rented for birthdays, showers, and small parties that the ever-so-talented staff of Strong Cupcake could design based on the themes and preferences of our generously paying customers. OR, the space could be rented for meetings with Strong Cupcake providing the refreshments.


Okay, back to work... but if I didn't get this down, I know I'd forget.

On a separate note... I made chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter bacon frosting. Using whole wheat flour for the cupcakes was a mistake... but peanut butter and bacon are a BEAUTIFUL combination. I just need to blot more grease off the bacon next time.